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Video Traffic Management


Optimization for maximized RAN savings & enhanced QoE

“We have seen our roaming costs fall by 30% - all down to DynaMO!”

Tier-2 regional carrier, USA

Exponential growth in the consumption of rich media content means carriers must maximize network capacity without sacrificing the end-user experience.

DynaMO’s intelligent virtualized optimization of web, audio and video content ensures the most efficient use of RAN and network resources to deliver the best experience while saving CAPEX and OPEX costs.

Maximize Existing Network Capacity

DynaMO is a comprehensive web, audio and video delivery product that intelligently reduces the size needed to deliver OTT content in mobile data networks at unprecedented performance.


DynaMO can be either hosted in the cloud or introduced in-network without any disruption, as well as deployed in a virtualized environment with dynamic scaling that closely aligns with the industry’s initiatives for Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

A real-time content-aware encoder regulates the amount of detail that is saved for each video frame at transrating/transcoding times, according to the motion information for a particular scene.

Inline caching and offline optimization reduce transit traffic and improve the user experience through faster video delivery. This eliminates the need to repeatedly perform CPU-intensive transcoding on frequently requested videos. Cached videos are encoded for the best video quality during offline optimization.

Even bandwidth-hungry Adaptive Streaming - ABR/HTTP-AS - as well as audio streaming and web content can be easily managed so that other applications can access network resources.

Congestion-Triggered Optimization

DynaMO rightly balances the user QoE, congestion alleviation and the cost for optimization. Openwave’s patented engine transparently tracks each individual user’s bandwidth in real-time, without the need for network probes or complex network integrations.

Optimization is then triggered only when and to the extent that is needed to guarantee a smooth video playback, dynamically adapting the video bitrate to variable network conditions. Video image quality is maximized while always preserving a continuous playback experience.

Contextually Selective Smart Optimization

DynaMO enables operators to rapidly adapt to changing traffic demands by means of a powerful service orchestration engine. Far beyond brute-force optimization, flexible granular rules can be created by combining multiple contextual conditions that are evaluated at line-rate speeds.

Congestion status, client player, device, bearer, roaming status, cell ID, time of the day, type of content, format, content provider, video resolution, bitrate, etc. – as well as PCRF rules – are only a few sample contextual indicators that DynaMO evaluates in real-time in order to determine the appropriate optimization policy to be applied for each subscriber and type of content.

Video Optimization for Enhanced Viewing Experience

DynaMO analyzes the device capabilities to intelligently optimize from SD to 1080p+ video content. Both the video and the device characteristics – such as the resolution - are taken into account to determine the right federation of techniques to produce optimized content saving up to 70% of data while preserving the video quality.

Most Comprehensive Support for Audio Optimization

DynaMO relies on a highly-efficient audio encoder that minimizes any audio quality impact while achieving data rate reductions of up to 50% for selected content.

DynaMO’s optimization is certified for more than 50 Over-The-Top audio content providers, including Pandora, Last.FM, Grooveshark, Slacker, rdio, Jango and iHeartRadio, amongst others.


Load Web Content Faster

DynaMO reduces webpages size by up to 40%, notably improving the rendering experience through a combination of techniques such as image optimization, HTTP compression and a distributed in-memory web cache that maximizes I/O performance when handling dynamic web content.

Manage, Monitor and Act

DynaMO includes a centralized, GUI-based, Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) system that provides software, configuration, network and fault management.


A built-in Traffic Analysis system helps operators understand mobile data traffic in detail through an interactive dashboard and provides insights to drive and adjust the various optimization policies accordingly. It analyzes traffic, devices, domains and content-specific characteristics, from formats to resolutions, to show individual and global savings achieved through the solution.

Industry Standards

DynaMO applies an intelligent, context-, device- and congestion-aware layer to optimize virtually all Internet video and audio formats without the need to transform them, including:

  • Video delivery mechanisms: HTTP Progressive Download, HTTP Adaptive Streaming (HLS, HSS, HDS, MPEG-DASH – including YouTube and Dailymotion implementations)
  • Containers: Adobe Flash Video, MP4, 3GPP, WebM and ADTS
  • Video codecs: H.264 (B/M/H), H.263, VP6 and VP8
  • Audio codecs: MP3, AAC, AAC+, OGG Vorbis, Speex, Nellymoser Asao and PCM

Other Openwave Products

DynaMO applies an intelligent, context-, device- and congestion-aware layer to optimize virtually all Internet video and audio formats without the need to transform them, including:

DynaMO HD forms part of Openwave’s Media Optimization solution, which also includes DynaBoost for TCP Optimization / Acceleration.

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