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Video Traffic Management


Encrypted data accounts for over 80% of mobile data …

… and that has worrying knock-on effects for operators.

How can you be proactive in managing the QOE for your subscribers? How can you perform capacity planning when you can’t predict trends? And how can you be creative in developing service packages when you can’t see what your subscribers use and value?

The Internet Is Going Dark. Operators must find a way to see into the darkness, or forever risk becoming a commoditized utility.

“Encrypted Video Manager inspects encrypted traffic flows using very clever TCP and TLS packet and flow inspection to spot encrypted traffic for a smooth and improved quality of experience.”

Sue Rudd, Strategy Analytics

In 60 seconds: SVP Indranil Chatterjee on mobile traffic encryption

80% of mobile traffic encrypted – how do operators manage that?

See it For Yourself

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Video Traffic Management Solutions

Our video traffic management solution includes TCP Acceleration, and RAN Congestion Management. Read the overview.

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